March 15, 2021

Dear Cherished Community,

My heart is full after such a wonderful weekend spent announcing the public phase of Spelman Ascends, the largest comprehensive campaign in the history of the College.

We greatly appreciate that you spent your Saturday afternoon joining us for the virtual campaign launch, a momentous occasion in the life of the College. Everything was an inspiration—from the rousing and moving performances by the Spelman Glee Club and our alumnae to the heartfelt words from our generous donors, faculty, staff and students.

We take this opportunity to thank all of the donors who participated in the video presentation:

Ted Aronson, Trustee
Gena Hudgins Ashe, C'83, Trustee
Frank Baker, Donor
Roz Brewer, C'84, Board Chair
Janine Brown, Trustee
Jerri DeVard, C'79
Taylor Dews, C'2022
Susan Dunn, Trustee
Alyson S. Dorsey, C'2002
Gloria Wade Gayles, Ph.D., Faculty
Rev. Neichelle R. Guidry, Staff
Fana HaileSelassie, C'2021
Celeste Watkins-Hayes, C'96
Sophia Howard, C'2021
Cara Johnson Hughes, C'2003, Trustee

LaTanya Richardson Jackson, C'71
Tayari Jones, C'91
April King, Staff

Seth & Beth Klarman, Donors
Eugene Kokot, Donor
Jordan Lawrence, C'2024
Mark Lee, Ph.D., Trustee
Marjorie McMorris, C'93
Gwen Norton, Trustee
Lydia Pace, C'2019
Mary Pickard, C’2015
Alexis Porter, C'2021
Lovette Russell, C'83, Trustee
Gabrielle Scales, C'2023
Beverly Guy Sheftall, Ph.D., C’66
Ronda Stryker, Trustee
Spelman Ascends is important because the funds we raise will keep our students, faculty, staff and the College soaring. We set out to gain support for students by increasing financial aid. We seized this opportunity to support faculty with endowed professorships. We have greatly improved our technology infrastructure. We are on the road to building our first new academic facility in 20 years, a Center for Innovation & the Arts, and we are pioneering exciting new academic programs at Spelman even as we support our existing strengths.

The College initiated this campaign a little over three and a half years ago with the audacious goal of raising $250 million. Today, thanks to the ongoing generous support of friends and donors, Spelman has been able to raise more than $240 million – 96 percent of the overall campaign goal.

Although fundraising efforts are going strong, the College still needs to reach the finish line. We are confident that with our community linking arms with us, we will go far beyond the original goal!

A special thank you to all who made the virtual campaign launch possible, including those in the divisions of Institutional Advancement, Spelman Technology Service and Business and Financial Affairs, as well as the Office of Communications. We are also grateful to the Division of Student Affairs for planning a launch viewing party and reception that allowed on-campus students to come together for a physically-distanced celebration.

Spelman's appreciation goes to Jessie Brooks, Erica Lamberson, Nelson Thomas, Keisha Leverette, Jihan Lang, Tiffany Hemby, Sheila Cook, Naima Porter Sparks, John Wilson, Bryan Simmons, Xavier Souder, Furery Reid, Kyon Dorsey, Joyce Davis, Ingrid Scurry Lassiter, Jazmyn Burton, Allison Howard, Angela Wood, C’90, Mashaun D. Simon, Ashli Washington, DaNita McClain, C'2004, Darryl Holloman, Ph.D., Allison Cummings, Arvelle Hodge, Bonnie Taylor, Chris Lockerman, Dana Lloyd, Desiree Mack, Dawn Alston, Jackie James, Art Frazier, the Spelman College Glee Club, Dr. Kevin Johnson and Valentine Williamson, C’2013.

Thank you and keep the faith.
Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D.
President, Spelman College

Spelman College
350 Spelman Lane
Atlanta, GA 30314

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