January 7, 2021
Wednesday morning we awakened to the power of the vote in our Democracy. We awakened to the power of the voice and organizational prowess of Stacey Abrams, Nia Dumas, Deja Mason, Aiyana Edwards and so many other Spelman Sisters who helped change the national political landscape. And we were hopeful.

Later, on this same day, however, we witnessed the opposite of democracy—a violent, unlawful, shameless attack on the U.S. Capitol. Throughout the day, a shadow fell on democracy. We emphatically reject the tactics of these dark forces that attempted to disrupt the certification of a well-run presidential election and the peaceful transition from one administration to the next.

My Spelman Sisters, it should not be lost on us that we are in the middle of a civic crisis. But, despite the dark, let it not be lost on us that Spelman Sisters helped bring about major national change.

During these dark times, let us remember that we have shown each other that we are bright  “beacons of heavenly light,” making choices that will profoundly change the world.

Be well and, in these difficult times, keep the faith.

Your Sister President,
Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D.
President, Spelman College


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